Q.  What is your pricing like?

Our RVs are priced as competitively as possible to give our Customers great value and confidence when buying a previously Guest experienced Apollo motorhome.

Q.  What kind of quality can I expect?

Our units have been custom designed and quality-built by Winnebago, Forest River, Fleetwood, Genesis, Majestic and more. Every unit receives fully documented service after each use and oil is changed every 7,500 miles.

Q.  How do I know if the vehicle has been maintained?

Every unit has been thoroughly serviced after each Guest booking and comes with a detailed service history from the day it was new.  In fact, our units are inspected and serviced with full pre-delivery inspection (PDI) – on average – every 16 days while in service in our Guest fleet.

Q.  What kind of vehicles are available?

We have an excellent selection of 2018 and 2019 custom built Winnebago, Forest River, Fleetwood, Genesis and Majestic RVs. We can work with you on selection, based on your individual travel needs.

Q.  Will the logos be taken off?

We will look after removal of all Apollo logos.